Tunisian dating scams

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They also want as many personal details from you as possible.

Some scammers will be blatant about where they are located – If a scammer says they are in the Army, on an oil rig, or a doctor/nurse working abroad, then this is a very convenient excuse as to why they can’t call you, are online at strange hours, or disappear for weeks on end. If they seem too good to be true, they probably are If the person you are talking to online looks like a supermodel, claims to be incredibly rich and successful and is very charming then it’s always worth remembering the old adage about things being ‘too good to be true’.Every few months the unfortunate story of someone scammed through an online dating site surfaces in the papers.These stories vary but generally involve someone losing a lot of money they could ill afford.Police do not believe the scam has compromised personal details or phone numbers, but is being driven by an automated process generating phone numbers."It is expected that very large numbers of these scam calls could be made as a result," Snr Sgt Smith said.

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