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She retired from the sport three years ago after an ankle fracture, but still trains with an Olympic coach at the couple’s sweeping Roc Angel estate, a hillside estate given to Grace Kelly by Prince Rainier.Wittstock is an active supporter of the Special Olympics and the Born Free Wildlife Foundation.After dinner, the Eagles will perform—just before the spectacular fireworks show.(On Tuesday, wedding guests had reportedly already begun to fill Monaco’s harbor with their yachts, and access to Nice’s Côte d’Azur airport had been reserved for visitors who can prove they’re invited to the wedding—such is the build-up of private jets on the tarmac.) The couple will drive off in an electric-powered LS600h L Landaulet Lexus following the ceremony, and a 33-year-old woman from Zimbabwe will inherit the title of Serene Princess of Monaco.”Last week, the French magazine L’Express reported that Wittstock had tried to escape to South Africa days before the wedding “only hours after learning that Albert had not been leading the exemplary life she thought” and was stopped by police at Nice airport as she tried to flee.A lawyer for Prince Albert said on Tuesday that this story was “madness” and that “everything is false.”On the surface at least, after their wedding, Wittstock is expected to continue to transition effortlessly into her new role as princess of Monaco.The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation supports projects concerning: climate change, energy, biodiversity, access to water, and the fight against desertification; in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin, the polar regions, and the least developed countries [PDF].

Wedding guests, which will include designer Karl Lagerfeld and Desmond Tutu, will swill boatloads of Perrier-Jouet Champagne and dine on an endless meal prepared by culinary legend Alain Ducasse.

According to the South African Sunday Times, Wittstock demonstrated her social conscience at the tender age of 12, penning in her yearbook: “What’s happening to our world?

Imagine the year 2000 and our ozone layer has vanished…Our planet has a fever and she is burning up—what will you do?

” As her fiancé said of Wittstock last year: “Charlene has a very strong personality and I have no doubt of her desire to get involved in things alongside me.”And gradually, since she first appeared alongside Albert in 2006, she also has distinguished herself sartorially: not as Diana did—embracing high fashion only after leaving the palace—or as Kate Middleton does, slowly swapping her sundresses for saucer hats.

The former Olympian, already an official “ambassador” for Armani, is outspoken about her love of fashion.

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