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I discovered that rubbing my stiff cock felt really, realllllllly goooooood, so I would do it every day. Mom didn't think it was so much fun, though, when she caught me one day, a pair of Fiona's panties in one hand, under my nose, and my rock hard dick in the other. I'll call you when I get home, and I'm definitely coming to your party this weekend. Appalled, she banished me to my room, and changed the laundry procedures in the house to cut off my supply of aromatic underwear. My grandparents are Old Country, as are my Great Grandparents, a few of whom are still alive, and one Great Great Grandmother. I'm Canadian, and so are my sisters, and my parents, but that didn't stop my parents from naming us all in the Celtic tradition. It was our little game, and she didn't want it to become too emotionally painful. Despite Mom's best efforts, my sexual education had begun. Nothing too overt, and nothing I couldn't get from the Internet, if I could find a way around Mom's password codes... At the nearest opportunity, I made a bee-line for the bathroom. It was supposed to be fun, but the bomb she dropped on me made it much more than merely play. We were thoroughly modern, but Mom had a modern solution to keep her children from growing up too quickly. I was twelve, and at a time when most boys were learning from each other or the Internet, I had a much more interesting source. My friend, who was more like a sister to me, but wasn't, because she wasn't. but delivered as it was from a female perspective, I found it fascinating. "This morning, and I had fun, too," I laughed back. *** For my thirteenth birthday, Mom got me my first cell phone. Maybe she didn't recognize my voice, so I clarified.

It must have spurred my grandparents into action once more, and they had one more child, a girl, about a year after. By the time I came along, about five years, two single and one pair of twin girls later, my Aunt Siobhan was at our house so much, I really thought she was my sister. " I laughed along with her, feeling close despite the distance between us. "I should go, honey, but I'll see you Saturday at your party," she said softly. I don't remember much about my father, as he died shortly after my second birthday. I'm actually glad I found out now that he's a jerk, before I got emotionally involved. I really liked the idea of being her boyfriend, even if I didn't know what it meant yet. I think that's about the time Vonnie and I grew closer. Our conversations, almost every night, were those of best friends, not nephew and aunt. You've got a birthday kiss, and a big hug coming." Mmmmm, a Vonnie hug... Yes, I'm talking about my aunt Siobhan, which is pronounced 'Shavon' for most people, despite the distinct lack of a 'V' anywhere in the name. Vonnie became my tutor again, coaching me through my earliest relationships with girls. almost as soft as a Mom hug, and a whole lot more fun. I plucked at the ribbon, which gave way, and allowed me to tear the paper open. I popped the tape at each side, and lifted the lid. I had an interest in vintage warbirds, and this book catalogued the various models of the iconic British fighter, the Spitfire.

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