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While growing up, Hye-Sun initially dreamed of becoming a singer. BUT WOW IN ANGEL EYES, IT'S LIKE A NEW AN IMPROVED GOO HYE SUN. I'm waiting for your new drama series with lee min ho. and my idol director, actress,singer, writer etc....... Also, she made me laugh a lot when she agrued with LMH. You two are so adorable , really good to each other a perfect couple ... I'll admit, she's a fine actress and far more diverse than many drama cast members. Hope you could have a movie again with Go Jun Pyo... To dhini (comment #14): Hye-seon Ku did indeed appeared in "August Rush" in a small (I mean small) cameo role.

She eventually formed a vocal band with college friends, but due to Hye-Sun gaining popularity through the internet as a model she put those goals on hold. But i know this ones gonna be a good one Ever since I have watched boys over flower have been in love with u and do u knw what make me love u more? She just stands out cause she just has that gorgeous look, her skin complexion is so light you can almost spot her in a crowd of people. She seem to have natural connection with her co-actors. I hope and I wish that it's in real life also...... Goo yhe sun your amazing..i really like her voice when she's performing on stage..i think you are the only korean actress who can do singing writing a novel directing a movie and composing a song..i hope i will see you in.someday in the philippines promoting a movie or another k drama.. guess u must be someone who has nothing better to do.. I don't know who is in "second place", but Goo Hye Sun is number one in this world as far as a "complete package" goes! fighting,,, be healthy,,, wish you all the best always ,,,, I wish one day I can meet you,,,, I realy like your act in BOF "Jandi" is realy make me happy,, sad,, cry and make me watching BOF again and again hehe... Still, for me, the best actress category is a toss-up between Kong Hyo-Jin of "Pasta" & "Thank You" and pop singer turned actress Yoon Eun-Hye. For me, Go Hye Sun is one of the top and best actress in Korea. She played one of the many homeless kids in the film and its difficult to spot her even if you keep an eye out for her,. i have seen her in 2 other films and have always been captivated by her wholesome beauty.

Hye-Sun then signed with YG Entertainment and still harbored dreams of singing. when I learnt that u are married to my number one idol Ahn jae hyun and instead of holding a large wedding party like most people do, u donate the money for a good cause( hospital shows)that shows that u are so good and adorable even in real am to make a list of my favourite Korea u will always be on top of d list coz u are my role model and my idol. who feels that life will be better if u throw some negative comments and criticize remind u life doesn't work that way.. Talented in most fields of art, pretty enough to make a nun blush, and with a body capable of causing a 50 car pile-up. i only say to unnie hye sun that she is so amazing .. from acting , dancing , singing , painting , director , writer , composer , musisian , playing piano and many more ... Koo Hye Sun would probably tie for 2nd on my list, next to Pyeon Jung-Su and veteran actress Kim Hye-Ja (if you haven't seen her in "Mother," you need to - she's a wonder). Love her eyes that is the first thing i notice They are so big and to me people with big eyes are innocent and very curious people so they explore into a lot of things. I am thankful that I get to know her through her drama "Boys Over Flowers". Ji hoo, l like you the most coz your a good friend and the way you let go of your love.... i'm hoping that she acts in life the way she acts on films unless she is portraying a villain.

At the time, Yang Hyeon-Seok, the CEO of YG Entertainment, advised Hye-Sun to pursue acting rather than music. really love ur acting skill especially when u are been mischievous. She more of less looking back now seems like almost her real self. I belive u should start doing something productive instead of criticizing others..lastly no one force u to see her act.. guess u must be someone who has nothing better to do.. If wishes were being granted for Christmas, Goo Hye Sun would be at the top of this boy's list. I really love her :) Koo Hye-sun is a force of nature, she is one of the most formidable woman on this planet, with an eager energy for always being in search of new challenges and to try new fields of art. I'd be honored if any wants to visit the fan page that I made about her... Maybe it's the way Miss Koo wears her hair in "Boys Over Flowers," but something makes her eyes seem small and calculating in that role. She reminded me of my little sister, everytime i see her on televison or in pics i want to pinch her cheeks. She is a superb actress and I have recommended her to many of my friends here in Indiana, as well as NJ and Las Vegas, and they too, liked her soooo much. but i don't think she will ever play such a role considering that her wholesomeness always shines.

God bless you both.loveyou minsun loveteam.❤❤❤hart-hart I love khs.matter what im always a sunnies for you and a minsunners for minsun.if its not for real i hope youll be a couple of min ho in reel.inspired me a lot through your versatality and talent.determined to achieve what i want thanks to your works and achievements..i hope you can read this comment of mine and hope to see you personally.bless My all the time favorite actress since 2009...... ❤️ (Glad with your relationship unnie.) Congratulations on your relationship with Ahn Jar Hyun❤️.., hope to see you again on a drama... Her overall talent, however, sends her over the top of any actress that I know of, anywhere. I am so proud of and inspired by this beautiful, intelligent and hard working sister. Despite critics from haters and totally unreasonable people, she kept her head high and do what she does best which is to share her God giving gift of acting and singing with the whole world. ku hye sun we love you when has a new Korea drama we are longing to see you again in the drama we like your acting you are the best actress don't can about the antis they are good for noting like to talk about the actors HS fighting wish you the best in 2016 i love u my jandi I love to call u dat name since bof u showed leeminho dat what others can't do u can do date am so proud of u my dear and I can't Waite to watch ur new dream fighting fighting fighting I love my jandi I love to call u date since ur dream in bof u showed leeminho dat what others can't do u can do it am so proud of u my dear and I can't Waite watch ur new dream fighting fighting fighting ok i like her since bof days. Always watching BOF i love your acting very much i hope u and lee min ho will get married! Somebody who will shout to the world that he loves you! I want to see you in more n more dramas...pleasee do a drama with Lee Min Ho !!!!!! ^_^ You and Lee min ho create magic together....soooo cute..... I recently watched "Angel Eyes" - all 20 episodes and I was truly moved by the acting of Ms. Living in California gives me many opportunities to analyze many different actors and actresses since California is the capital of the movie industry. Mediocre in whose standards- the critics or the one judging?

I will watch your latest drama Blood till the end . She is one of those people who gets beautigul the more you look at her and the more you know her. So natural acting and very good and inspiring story ever..

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Her short film is also entered in the 2009 Pucheon International Fantastic Film Festival. im like ur drama the musical, in this drama ur acting so daebak. I shipped you and Ahn Jae Hyun in ths drama blood and now that you guys are getting married I can finally officially say that my ship has sailed! I would say Ahn Jae Hyun is one lucky man for winning your heart. Now that I know she's Jan Di, I'm gonna give Blood another chance ^^ Everything about you s just unique that no matter how hard they hate on you,you end up shinning even brighter(must be very frustrating for the haters)don't stop being you or going after your dreams because thats one of the things that makes you unquie.shinnig doll,can't wait for you next drama/movie For me your the best and i love every movie you make...i watch all of your tv series and you know what movie causes for me to cry a lot was King and I, I cry almost a month just to overcome it.....i'm not over exaggerating it but it's true!!!! I wish you luck and i can't wait anymore to watch your next drama !! You have a lot of fans that will always side with you , make sure you keep that in mind !! I don't see any other actress who can perform comedy and drama at the same well as you do. since 2009, until now few korean actor & actress i've known , I never known their names; but if she/he pair or with a drama/show with KHS i admire them also.. Yoo Ri Ta For me you are the best, I don't care if others don't like you. First time i saw you in Boys over flower and since then i've followed you,even your personal life. You have such a loving personality and a daughter that every mother desires to have!!! I like most of the koren actors and actresses Not only they are handsome / pretty but also gifted with amazing talent ...

I'm a mom of two boys and if I had a daughter- she would be like her . More blessings to come and we all hope that someday u will find ur soulmate..whoever he is, he is so LUCKY... I am not really fond of watching korean telenovelas but when i saw ku hye sun in angel eyes, i fell in love with her right away, more so when i get to know more about her.

Goo Hye Sun- if you are reading the comments - we love you ! "There is no such thing as a perfect person in this world. just curious of your educational background, do you any degree you finish? I have not read any source of your educational attainment.

IT ALMOST SEEMS LIKE, SHE'S POTRAYING HERSELF IN REAL LIFE RATHER THEN IN THE TV DRAMA. I praise you for all the talents you have except acting. I think you should continue to pursue all your talents except acting.

am expecting future projects for both of you with a very special story line. I read from your biography that you are multi-talented.

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