Intimidating team names volleyball

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(Editor's note: All interviews conducted by's Creg Stephenson during the summer of 2017 unless otherwise noted.

Comments have been slightly edited for clarity and to improve flow.

This deflates them and creates a lack of comfort and security in sports.

It is possible young athletes are afraid to talk about being bullied by coaches.'s Creg Stephenson interviewed more than 40 players, coaches and staff members from that team, plus other outside observers.

Today and over the course of the next few weeks, you'll read the story of that season, in their own words.

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The Crimson Tide went 13-0 in 1992 under coach Gene Stallings, reaching the high point between the Bryant and Saban eras of Alabama football.

When I thought I did something right he thought it was wrong, and when I tried to work hard and gain his approval it was never good enough.

It got to the point where I was making up excuses to get out of practice, and I even hoped I would be benched so I didn’t have to worry anymore.

Athletes who are bullied experience difficulty focusing on what they should focus on. And it’s not good motivators–although some coaches try to rely on it. To really benefit from and enjoy sports, young athletes need to feel confident and safe. You, as parents and coaches, can do a lot to help kids who are bullied by their coaches.

Like this young athlete, they sometimes obsess on the bully. Please visit our Discussion Forum and Message Board to share your story and comments and for more opinions from our experts on how to deal with bully coaches in sports.

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