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And the way it is set up, the only risk you’d be subjecting yourself to is a few negative ratings in a general sense.The Grade lacks the specificity that can be the most stinging part of anonymous online gossip, which is essentially what apps like Lulu are.Lerner thinks that reviews, in some form, are the logical next step of dating apps.Someone has to deal with the fact that dating apps often devolve into an intensely hostile place for women, he says.But all these boil down to one main question: how do you stop the trolls?How do you stop people from trashing someone they have a grudge against?Beyond the "grading," you’ll also be able to pick from a list of pre-determined hashtags to describe someone, in a move that is similar to the girls-rate-boys app Lulu. Lerner takes great pains to emphasize that The Grade is not an “elitist” app, like invite-only Tinder clone, The League.

Our dating advice articles are dedicated to helping these men find a girlfriend, a wife, or their perfect partner.

The scammers target your emotions and thus encourage you to work harder and send you email requiring you to pay the money or personal information.

The process of dating and romance is easy to understand.

The thinking is that combing through a dating app to leave one bad “yes/no” user review on your ex doesn’t seem particularly fun, even for the most vindictive among us.

The Grade then takes the sum of all these “yes/no” answers and gives your profile a grade.

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