Abuse or intimidating behavior

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A supervisor had to cross a legal line before HR could “do” something about it.The viewers always knows its the culprit Columbo would nail before the closing credits.visiting this and other websites plus social media sites like Facebook, You Tube and Pinterest is a great way for you to connect with others that are going through or have gone through what you are right now.It’s getting to be very obvious that intimidation in the workplace is a huge problem, and no one certain thing can explain why it’s becoming so much more prevalent recently.Generally speaking though, it is referring to a repetitious mistreatment of someone which can cause that person some major health, emotional and psychological problems.If this is what you are experiencing, then take your time going through the information on this site as you will more than likely find things that are very familiar to your own circumstances.

Discover how to make her strategies your own through her on-line learning programs at the Legal Leverage® Academy, through private consultations, inviting her to speak at your business function, and tuning in to Business Confidential Now.“There are soooo many bad managers,” the VP of Human Resources lamented. It reminds me of the old TV show when the bad guy says “you can’t prove anything” after the rumpled detective accuses him/her of a heinous deed. When called out for their bad behavior these manager often say “it’s a lie” or “you’ve got nothing on me.” Its straight from the Best Defense is a Good Offense Playbook.But somehow, too many corner offices and boards of directors are short-sighted and prefer to take the manipulator’s word for it instead of conducting an independent investigation when a complaint arises (see further item 37).It doesn’t pay for organizations to permit managers to abuse their positional power in the long run.

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